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Creative workshops to reconnect you with nature

create. nourish. grow


Welcome to Wild oak WOrkshops

Creative workshops that reconnect you with nature.

My name is Katie and I am passionate about helping people slow down, reconnect with nature and unleash the creative self in all of us.

At Wild Oak Workshops, I design creative experiences where you will feel reconnected with nature, switch off from life’s daily pressures and when you leave (clutching your wonderful creation), you’ll feel your senses have been reawakened and creativity refreshed.

My creative learning workshops are fun, friendly, relaxed and rewarding. Perfect for you to come along to and enjoy on your own, or with a member of your family or a friend.

The Nest is a warm and happy environment to meet like minded people where we can create and learn from each other.

You will leave with new skills, new friends and enjoy a sense of achievement with a renewed appreciation of the nature that surrounds us all.


Upcoming workshops




I will be running workshops throughout the year, to view which one connects most with you please have a look what is coming up.


mobile: 07715 561 661


Why not follow me @wildoakworkshops on Instagram and discover what wonders of nature might inspire you, as they have me.

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I felt nurtured and inspired after a wonderful workshop
— L Brewer